Central Jersey looks like it will be getting a little more fun! Apex Sports and Events Complex hopes to put an end to athletes having to travel back and forth the other towns for their games and practices by building their own sports center.

The complex will have its own indoor and outdoor fields, obstacle course and inflatable dome. But they aren’t finished yet! While the outdoor fields are scheduled to open March and the indoor facilities in September and the hopes of getting families off the couch and more active, the developers aren’t stopping there.

When asked about the construction Mayor Doug Tomson says, “I was born and raised in Hillsborough, and we’ve never had a place for kids to go outside of a few parks, and really not anywhere they could go in bad weather…This will give our children just a place they can go during the winter the summer and the spring and have access to high-quality fields.”

While the complex isn’t open, the owner, Greg Wilke, is already receiving requests to book the space for events in the future.

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