We love hearing about people from New Jersey on reality TV shows!

If you've never seen American Ninja Warrior, contestants must compete many obstacle course that require an insane amount of strength and they get to compete to win one million dollars! Many have competed on the show in the ten years that the show has been on air and this season, a part of it was filmed in Philadelphia! it's also exciting to see New Jersey natives compete in the competition! Two are Jamie Rahn and Chris Wilczewski. Both are from South Jersey and both rocked the obstacles at the Philadelphia city finals on Aug. 13th!

Watch their performances below!

Along with Chris and Jamie, the other athletes from New Jersey are Rachael Goldstein from Camden County, Judas Licciardello from Gloucester County, and Abby Clark of Morris County. We will get to see these awesome athletes compete tonight, and Monday, Sept. 3rd in the first stage of the National Finals. We may even see them on the season finale on September 10th! We wish these Jersey natives the best of luck!

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