As summer is coming to a close, we are all looking for excuses to get in one last trip to the beach (and make it count). Personally, when it comes to trying to decide where to vacation, my first choice is always somewhere at a beach! The calming sounds of waves crashing and breathtaking sunsets always puts me at ease and makes my stay that much better.

With these luxury vacations comes an expensive price though. Staying at the shore is not cheap! However, there is a beautiful Air Bnb condo located in Atlantic City with oceanfront views that will most definitely fit your budget!


At $150 dollars a night, you can experience a beautiful getaway at Atlantic Palace Suites in a studio condo that fits up to four guests. The condo is styled modern but also with a shore yet homey feel that way you feel like you’re not staying at a hotel. The condo includes great features stated on the Air Bnb website such as, “a flat screen-TV, small kitchenette, updated bath with jacuzzi, a queen size bed and space for an air mattress (air mattress not provided).”

Other amenities on the property include a free parking space, game room, hot tub, outdoor heated pool, gym, sauna/ steam room, and lounge!

To put the cherry on top, this condominium is right in the heart of Atlantic City, which means it is close to all sorts of entertainment, such as casinos, restaurants, and of course the beach itself! What more could you ask for a perfect vacation?

Just remember if you plan to make your last beach trip soon, stay safe, wear a mask, and have fun!




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