According to a Press Release on their website, Chipotle is moving their Chipotle has been doing this fun promotion for 20 years, where you show up at a Chipotle restaurant in any costume on Halloween and you'll when you buy one Chipotle burrito, you get the second one free. In prior years, this promotion was extremely popular and people were getting any costumes they could to take advantage of it. So being that we are in a pandemic right now, cases are going up, and restaurants are only allowed to have a small capacity in their restaurants, Chipotle has decided to move this promotion to a digital one this year. So what you need to do is, follow them on social media and then text the code they release. Make sure you're following their TikTok, Twitter and Instagram accounts by October 29th. The codes will be released from October 29th- October 31st and then you text the keyword to 888-222 to get your BOGO meal. They'll be available on Chipotle's App or their website. So you must order through those and get your burrito that way, not by going to a Chipotle restaurant. For more info, check out this press release or this info from their website.

The coronavirus pandemic is putting such a damper on our lives and it's going to be hard to celebrate Halloween this year for sure. Things that we are used to doing every single year, like trick or treating, or Halloween parties are now being canceled or moved to a later time. I am glad that companies like Chipotle are still doing the same promotions that they used to do, because it feels like our lives are almost back to normal, even though our lives during this pandemic have been anything but normal.

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