Chipotle will be opening a new location in Lawrenceville.

I've learned many things coaching my high school cheerleaders and one of them is that Chipotle is life. Chipotle Mexican Grill is extremely trendy and whatever location you visit, it's usually always busy. In the Princeton area, there is a Chipotle in The Square at Princeton on Route One North (a couple of units down from Trader Joe's), and now there will be one more location on the other side of the highway.

According to the Lawrence Community News, Chipotle will be occupying the space where the Outback Restaurant used to be in the Mercer Mall shopping center in Lawrenceville. This is a really big space for a Chipotle. There are rumors that the space may be divided so the other side could be occupied by an additional tenant.

The new Chipotle is expected to open in the winter (of 2020). Construction is already underway so our fingers are crossed that they will open on time.

They've got a lot of competition in that area, so hopefully, this Chipotle succeeds.

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