Yahoo reports, Chipotle Mexican Grill wants to hire at least 15,000 people to work at their restaurant chain in the U.S. Chipotle just made this announcement and said they would like to hire more people because of how busy their stores are. They need more help to keep up with how many customers are coming into Chipotle restaurants and they know people need jobs right now. Yahoo says, there are about 2,700 Chipotle restaurants and they were working on opening more in October of this year. There is probably one very close to you, so it could be worth checking out if you need a job change or if you just need a job period.

I know that so many people have lost their jobs or have been furloughed because of the coronavirus pandemic. I know people are struggling to pay their bills and put food on the table. Even though, my husband and I are both blessed to still have our jobs, I always said that if I lost my tomorrow, I would be out looking for a new one the very same day. Even if I would be doing something that has nothing to do with my college degree, I would still need some kind of income to support my family so I would take whatever. I am constantly seeing signs on businesses that say they need help or they are hiring. I hope people are struggling to find a job right now take advantage of these opportunities because a paycheck is a paycheck and that paycheck will put food on the table and pay bills.

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