When you are asked where is sin city you right away answer Las Vegas. No questions asked everyone knows that. You would never think of the City of Brotherly Love as a sin city. Well, we are all actually wrong. Philadelphia is a very sinful city.

According to Wallet Hub, the city of Philadelphia takes the 7th spot overall as one of the most sinful cities in the country. Just like it was stated on Wallet Hub, "No place is innocent", so do not be offended by the fact that Philadelphia has a lot of sinful people.

Wallet Hub had multiple categories to find which cities in the country were the most sinful. Some of those categories included Jealousy, Lust, Anger & Hatred, Greed, and Excesses & Vice.

For some of those categories, Philadelphia can easily be called a sinful city. Here is where Philadelphia lands in those categories according to Wallet Hub.

  • Anger & Hatred: Philadelphia ranks 12 - That is not a good look for the City of Brotherly Love
  • Jealousy: Philadelphia ranks 60 - Not the greatest but it is true. After living in  Philadelphia for a few there aren't that many jealous people in the city.
  • Excesses & VIce: Philadelphia ranks 21. We can easily say that Philadelphians are heavy drinkers so that is a surprisingly high ranking.
  • Greed: Philadelphia ranks 50. Philadelphians aren't selfish they're just hustlers.
  • Lust: Philadelphia ranks 14. Oh, man! This one will just pretty much just show that you'll have to agree that Philadelphia is a sinful city.

Wallet Hub also had a lazy category and in that category it was stated that New Jersey has one of the laziest cities. NJ’s lazy city is Newark. With that being said Philadelphians can be called different names but lazy is not one of them, unlike some New Jersey residents.

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