I was surprised to see that the KFC on Princeton Hightstown Road in East Windsor, NJ suddenly closed.

I have been getting stuck in some insane traffic on Princeton Hightstown Road in East Windsor and it's been driving me nuts. They've been repaving and painting the lines and it's been a complete nightmare and I could not wait until it was over.

If you don't know the area of East Windsor, next to the Target is a Perkins Restaurant, and there used to be a KFC there as well. I say used to be because it literally just closed without any warning not too long ago and residents are wondering why. I think I found out some of the scoop:

After seeing all that the KFC signs were gone and construction had already begun, I decided to do some investigative work. I turned to the Next Door app and there happened to be a post about the KFC.

My neighbors on the Next Door App say its's going to be a Popeye's but nothing on the building says that, so I can't confirm nor deny that.

They were working very hard though when I ran up to the building and took my pictures, so I assume we will know soon.


East Windsor has pretty much everything in town, Shoprite, Aldi, Target, pizza places, nail salons, and so much more. All of these businesses were one of the reasons why my husband and I decided to buy in East Windsor. So I am very curious to see what will be going up here in this building.

There are a lot of empty spaces in East Windsor and I assume more restaurants are coming to the area, however which ones will be opening in our beautiful town? Chick-fil-A? Chipotle? Hopefully we find out soon.

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