If you're used to going into your local Costco and bringing a flash drive or connecting your phone to one of their machines and printing out photos, those days are very limited. I saw a post on the Costco Deals Instagram page that another Costco customer posted to their story letting them know they will not be able to get pictures and other photo services after Sunday February 14th. The note attached to their picture order said that the photo department at all Costco locations will be closing on Sunday February 14th. There will still be services available online for picture orders, but in store services like prints, passports, and even photo restoration will not be available at Costco stores. This upsets me very much. I feel like a lot of stores are getting rid of their photo centers and you can get pictures the same day anymore. Sometimes people are last minute, like me and have to get a picture printed right away. So these photo centers that are disappearing are a little inconvenient.

I am a Costco fanatic. I shop there often for many items me and my family need. I know exactly what to buy there and I know the items to avoid. Not all things are best when you buy them in bulk and sometimes it's like throwing away money. I study lists that are posted like "The Best Things to Buy at Costco" and I follow the Instagram Costco Deals which is where I saw this post about the photos center. I love it. I can see what other Costco shoppers are buying and they post all kinds of stuff.

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