If I say "Wawa" chances are you reply hoagies, coffee, or gas. For me the answer is coffee. I am a big fan of Wawa coffee and have been going to the chain for coffee for years. Wawa coffee is always fresh and always good.


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Shawn Michaels
Shawn Michaels



When it comes to my Wawa coffee I'll either grab a house blend (regular) or maybe their Cuban roast. I did enjoy the peanut butter blend they had out this spring, but that's been retired.

So recently fellow co-workers brought up the conversation about flavored coffee and they commented on how hazelnut is everywhere, but they are tired of that and would love something like coconut, to break up the routine.

This got me thinking, why not ask you at home what "flavored" coffee would you like to see next at Wawa? Now I know we are getting very close to pumpkin spice season and I'm not suggesting we get rid of that, but how about adding another flavored selection to the menu? Currently, they have hazelnut and vanilla, soon we will see pumpkin spice, if not already, in Ocean County.




Sue Moll, Townsquare Media
Sue Moll, Townsquare Media



I asked you at home to suggest a new flavor and you responded:

Liz: Blueberry Cobbler or Salted Caramel

Andria: Coconut!!!!!!! Down with hazelnut lol

Dana: Espresso

Jennifer: Coconut espresso

Donna: Don't add any more. They can't even keep the regular flowing. The pots are always empty!

Patricia: Blueberry

Kurt: Would love to see bananas foster cappuccino brought back

Lindsey: Chocolate caramel

Pops Murray: The flavor they had 20 years ago when they used coffee pots

Laura: I miss the chocolate one they used to have in the winter

Win: My personal favorite is a mocha. Half hot chocolate and half espresso


So what do you think? what could or should be the next flavored coffee at Wawa? Chocolate? Coconut? Blueberry? Espresso? Salted Caramel?


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