I wasn't a huge Friends fan back when it originally aired, but over the years I have been watching it a lot and now I have to watch every day since it's on TBS starting at 10am and Nick at Nite starting at 10pm. I laugh so hard while I'm watching, sometimes my husband stares at me and doesn't get it, but other times, he's laughing right along with me. Besides The Big Bang Theory, it's without a doubt my favorite show. Back in May, I found out that there would be a cookbook released with recipes inspired by the show. The cookbook is not available until September, but you can preorder it now.

One of my favorite sites Delish, reports that the same publishing company that released the Friends cookbook, is now releasing a Friends advent calendar.

Credit: Insight Editions
Credit: Insight Editions

Insight Editions describes the calendar as 25 favorite moments from the show every day and it even gives you 40 little surprised inside like the Holiday Armadillo. The book will be released on October 27th. It costs about $18 if you preorder it on Amazon now and once you order, you'll get a shipping date from Amazon. With how fast Amazon ships, I'm sure you will receive it with plenty of time to count down the holiday season. Just saying, this is probably the perfect gift to get for the Friends lover in your life or the perfect gift to bring to a grab bag gift party. If the pandemic goes away and we're actually able to have those again.

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