My husband and I got married almost two years ago and it was very stressful. He and I come from two different religious backgrounds, we had lots of outside opinions coming in and we wanted to stay on budget. This is pretty much the same struggles as many couples go through while planning their wedding. Now, imagine getting engaged, setting your date and then BOOM, here comes a pandemic. Matt and I had four Save the Dates on our fridge for this summer and now only one of those weddings is happening. Couples have had to postpone until next year or may have had to improvise and do a much different wedding than was planned. Some have had to be done in backyards, some weddings were able to be held in churches, but with restrictions, some were even done on zoom, but unfortunately some couples have lost thousands of dollars from vendors and venues. It is absolutely devastating and if you know a couple who was planning on getting married this summer or this year, you should definitely have sympathy for them., which is a wedding planning website, wants to lend a helping hand to couples during this difficult time. PRNewswire reports, Zola will now allow couples to host their wedding via video on the Zola website. All their guests can watch their wedding from the safety of their own home. It's easy to set up and can be used for the wedding ceremony, bridal shower or any other wedding related event. This is great because zoom has a time limit on it and I'm sure Zola does not and it's totally free when you register with them.

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