Cruisin’ Tikis Point Pleasant just announced some exciting news on their Facebook Page a few days ago. Cruisin’ Tikis Point Pleasant now has their adorable floating tikis docked at River Rock Restaurant & Marina Bar in Brick.

They have options for you and your friends including a brunch cruise, daytime or afternoon cruise.

It's costly, but if you split the $400 tab with your friends that's not too bad. They allow 6 people to cruise.

Guests bring their own alcohol and food and you'll sail along the Manasquan River.

If I was going, I'd grab some food at River Rock Restaurant & Marina Bar and then hop on the tiki. They provide you with cups, ice and even bottled water. Some tikis can even stop at sandbars if you request it, how fun. I'd book your reservation now if you're interested. I'm sure they will fill up fast.

I first heard about these tiki bars a few months ago and everyone was booking them immediately for the holiday weekends. They look super fun, and I might even be going on one with friends once the weather gets warmer. I am just nervous because I always have to pee and when I drink alcohol, I have to pee even more than usual.

We did a pedal bar in Nashville when we went there for my bachelorette party and it was a blast. We drank and pedaled this big cart that had bike seats and pedals in the side and even a section in the back for people who didn't wanna pedal. I loved it and t was cool because halfway through our scheduled ride, we stopped at a bar to pee and grab a drink. I forget how long they gave us, but I made sure I peed like twice so I was ready for the next half of the pedaling.

Like I said above, the only thing that would make me nervous on the floating tiki is if I had to pee. Otherwise, this looks like something totally up my alley.

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