Get ready Manalapan, the trendiest cookies right now are coming your way.

A new Crumbl Cookies location will be opening this Friday (December 2nd) in the EpiCentre on Route 9, according to The Patch.

Each Crumbl Cookies location is independently owned and operated. The owners of this new Manalapan shop are Karen and Darrell Doucette.

The cool thing about Crumbl Cookies is the menu changes every week, although their classic milk chocolate chip cookie remains a constant on the menu. You may not have heard of Crumbl Cookies until Tik Tokers started doing weekly reviews of the cookies.

Here's this week's cookie

Oh gosh, they all look so good. What are you going to order? The Gingerbread Cake will have you feeling those holiday vibes. Although, the Lemon Crinkle sounds amazing. The Classic Pink Sugar is always good too. That seems to be showing up more and more on the menu lately, which is fine with me.

Crumbl Cookies is fairly new with its first shop opening in 2017 out in Utah. They clam to have the best chocolate chip cookie in the world. You'll have to be the judge of that. They are really me. Lol.

Crumbl Cookies have created quite a buzz all over social media.

The cookies are huge, plenty big enough to share with your friends. Crumbl even sells a cute little pink cookie cutter that cuts each cookie evenly, so everyone you're sharing with gets the same size piece.

They have ice cream too, the perfect sidekick.

Go check out the new shop starting on Friday (December 2nd). There's bound to be a line outside on opening day.

Crumbl's signature pink box can be sent nationwide to family and friends. What a great way to celebrate a special occasion.

Crumbl Cookie Manalapan will be open weekdays from 8am - 10pm and 8am - midnight on the weekends for all your late night cookie cravings. Lol.

For more details, click here.

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