Crumbl Cookies just announced another change to its weekly cookie lineup that we all love.

Don't be nervous. I think you're going to like this change and it's starting right away.

Crumbl Cookies Announces New Brand New Cookie Each Week

Starting this week, there will be a brand new cookie in each week's cookie lineup.

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Wow, that's cool. This way, there will be a true element of surprise each week. I like it.


This week's flavor is Apple Cider Muffin. It's described like this, "A warm, spiced apple cider muffin-inspired cookie, slathered in apple cider glaze and cinnamon brown sugar streusel."

Oh my that sounds amazing, doesn't it? I may have to stop by. There's a Crumbl Cookies in Nassau Park Pavilion in West Windsor (Mercer County).

The post read, "Starting this week, you'll see a BRAND NEW cookie on the menu EVERY WEEK. We have been baking up a lot of AMAZING new flavors, and we can't wait for you to try them all!"

The cookie company urged fans to check their stories every Monday to learn about the brand new cookie for that week.

Crumbl Cookies is asking for suggestions on the cookie creations you'd like to see.

Has there been a cookie with crushed up potato chips on top yet? If not, I think that could be know, a little sweet and salty combo.

Crumbl Cookies removed a cookie from its lineup

The other big change that Crumbl Cookies made recently is taking the Classic Pink Sugar Cookie out of the regular lineup. The horror. They said they were making more for new stuff. They promised it would be back a few times a year.

PS. Crumbl Cookies also teased us by saying there is something sweet coming in the next few weeks.

Hmmm. What could it be? I'll let you know as soon as I find out.

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