You’re gonna need a bigger boat!

Shark week has officially kicked off and if it’s a highlight of your summer, you need to try out some of these treats from a select few PA/NJ sweet spots. All over the country, there are a ton of bakeries, stores, and restaurants releasing limited edition Shark Week merch, foods, and more!

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There are a few local bakeries and ice cream shops that have some limited times offers for you and your family to get in on the Shark Week fun while it lasts!


What is Shark Week?

Shark Week happens once a year and is an event put on by the Discovery Channel. All week long, from Sunday to Sunday in a singular July week, there are back to back shark-based-programming.

Over the years, people have been known to put on annual parties during Shark Week and it’s become a tradition in certain households like mine! We wait all year for Shark Week. A few places in the PA and NJ area have some limited specials to celebrate the “annual week-long holiday”.

Bordentown Creamery - Bordentown, NJ

Bordentown Creamery announced they'll be having an ice cream special full of themed flavors all Shark Week long! Bordentown Creamery is known for always being on top of the latest trends and making these extremely creative Ice Cream series specials!


Fritz's Bakery - Langhorne, PA & Bensalem, PA

Fritz's Bakery is a total PA hidden gem! They're known for their delicious Stickybuns, but for Shark Week they announced some limited-time  Shark cookies and cupcakes! They are going all out to make sure your Shark Week watch parties are complete!


Crumbl Cookies - Princeton, NJ, Newtown, PA & Bensalem, PA

Crumbl Cookies has a few locations in central New Jersey and Bucks County, PA! Crumbl changes up its menu weekly and this week you can get a Shark Week-themed cookie! It's a vanilla cookie topped with blue vanilla icing and a gummy shark!

Happy Shark Week everyone!

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