Driving in Philadelphia during your morning commute is for sure not the easiest task. If you’re a Philadelphia resident or a commuter who finds themselves sitting in Philly traffic every morning, there’s a specific spot on the roads that you need to keep your eyes peeled at all times.

Have you ever thought how many times you’ve driven through the most dangerous intersection in a specific area? It’s something not all of us think about often, but once you find out that a dangerous intersection could be part of your daily commute, it’s extremely shocking.

Of course, driving with caution is a given and always necessary, but this area in Philly is the spot you need to be the most alert in during your time spent in the city.

Olney and Broad Street has been named THE most dangerous intersection in all of Philadelphia.

google earth
google earth

According to hilljustice.com, “From 2008 to 2013, 20 people sustained injuries as pedestrians at this intersection. In these 20 Broad and Onley crashes, 15 occurred within the intersection and the other five occurred mid-block.” These stats have been proven in a study by Azavea and PlanPhilly.

This is just one of those areas in the city where drivers tend to get distracted either by their surroundings, trying to look at directions on their phones, or all of the above. Some other extremely dangerous intersections in Philadelphia that are worth mentioning are The Boulevard, Cottman, and Bustleton, as well as Fifth and Olney.

If you find yourself in these areas, make sure to always use extreme caution!

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