Another iconic Philadelphia face has announced his plans to retire. The landscape of Philadelphia is changing quite quickly these days.

And we just learned that ANOTHER face of TV will retire. 6ABC Action News reporter Dann Cuellar has announced his retirement, after working at the station for 34 years.

The reporter shared the news on his Facebook page, and it sounds like his retirement is effective immediately. We've reached out to 6 ABC to confirm, but Cuellar praised his colleagues and longtime viewers.

"But now, after 34 plus years at Action News, the time has come to move on," Dann wrote on Facebook. "This is the end of a chapter and the beginning of another."

Philadelphia's Most Famous TV Faces are Retiring

Wow. This kind of marks the end of era, and Philadelphia is rapidly changing.

Earlier this year, 6ABC's Jim Gardner announced his retirement. The anchor has already stepped away from the 11 pm news. Longtime anchor Rick Williams has stepped into that role.

Up next, Garnder will ultimately step away from the 6 pm broadcasts later this year.

6 ABC via YouTube
6 ABC via YouTube

Where Is Dann Cuellar Now?

As 6ABC viewers know, Cuellar and Gardner worked together on the evening news for YEARS. Jim Gardner would be at the anchor's desk, and Dann would be in the field reporting on the night's biggest local story.

Tomorrow will mark the end of an era at NBC10. The station's longtime meteorologist, and perhaps one of the most notable faces in TV, Glenn "Hurricane" Schwartz will retire from the station after working for nearly 27 years.

Meanwhile, as for what Cuellar will be up to following his retirement, he says he plans on spending time with his family in the coming months then he has a new chapter in mind.

"Ultimately I would like to teach TV & Digital journalism at a local university. Do some charitable works in our communities. Perhaps some consulting work and maybe even write a book or two," he wrote.

Cuellar thanked his viewers for sharing their time with him during his impressive 34-year career with the station.

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