Being pulled over for speeding is probably one of the worst things ever. Not only is the fine not cheap, but the points hurt your pocket in the long run with insurance companies. Unfortunately, so many fatalities have happened in our area due to wreck-less driving.

According to, Philadelphia has some of the deadliest highways out of the entire state of Pennsylvania. With the help of, we were able to put together a list of highways in our area that have a lot of car incidents with fatalities, as well as how many of those incidents were caused due to intoxication within the past few months.


Street Rd (Bensalem) - 15 Fatal Crashes - 2 Alcohol Involved 

Paper St (Bristol) - 7 Fatal Crashes - 0 Alcohol Involved 

Delaware Expressway I-95 (Philadelphia) - 16 Fatal Crashes - 3 Alcohol Involved

Knights Rd (Philadelphia) - 4 Fatal Crashes

Woodhaven Rd (Philadelphia) - 5 Fatal Crashes - 3 Alcohol Involved 

Roosevelt Blvd (Philadelphia) - 30 fatalities - 7 Alcohol Involved

We usually all know where all the typical traffic is, but not all of us know the statistics of it. As for New Jersey, according to, some of the roads with the most accidents within the past few months include Route 1 West Windsor, Route 37 Toms River and I-287 Bridgewater.

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