Dear Phillies fans,

I am disappointed in you and your lack of enthusiasm for your team lately.

We all know that the pride and loyalty for all of the Philadelphia sports teams can not be compared to any other city in the country. In fact, about a year ago it was proven that the Phillies fan base is top 10 in the country.

But a few weeks ago I went to the Dodgers versus Phillies game at Citizens Bank Park, and let me tell you, the fans there did not show love for the Phillies. You could hear a pin drop that is how quiet it was.

I get it, the Phillies haven't had the best seasons since acquiring the outfielder Bryce Harper but you can’t go to a baseball game have a very silent crowd.

Do you want to know what woke up the Phillies fans?

I woke them up. Yes, I did.

I started chanting "Let's Go Dodgers!" In case you didn't know, Dodgers fans will make noise anywhere we go and the Citizens Bank Park started turning blue after my chants were caught on by other Dodger fans in attendance.

After I started the Dodgers chants we got booed a little and our section FINALLY started chanting "Let's Go Phillies!" But it was disappointing how quiet the stadium actually was.

I did turn back in the section I was in and said "I woke you up didn't I?!" Some Phillies fans tried booing me but they weren't even loud enough.

Not to compare but I went to the Citi Field in Queens two days later for the Dodgers versus Mets game and that stadium was rocking. WAY LOUDER!

The Phillies are more than likely not going to make the playoffs but let's not be those fans that will not cheer on a team when they are in a crazy slump.

Let's be more like the Philadelphia Eagles fans that for absolutely no reason just start yelling "GO BIRDS!" or "E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!"

I always tell everyone that the Philadelphia sports teams fan base is one of the craziest and loudest but I will have to change those words soon if I keep going to sporting events that are awfully quiet.

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