Law enforcement officers have had it tough for quite some time now. Officers all across the country have been putting their lives on the line to protect and serve during this pandemic.

All these men and women serving our communities deserve a ton of recognition and that is exactly what a Pennsylvania law enforcement officer is getting.

According to 6abc, a police officer, Chris Signore, who is a part of the Newtown Township Police Department in Delaware County ranked in the "top ten in nationwide SWAT physical fitness challenge."

From what we learned on 6abc this challenge was not easy. It required officer Chris Signore to do an "800-meter sprint, followed by a 400-meter sprint with weights." That is not all. Chris Signore also told 6abc that other challenges he was required to do included "burpees, jump squats, and pull-ups. Most of this was done with a gas mask, no filter, full gear."

On the National Tactical Officers Association's website, it shows that there are a total of 5 different tests.

That sounds like a ton of physical work. Personally, I probably would not even make it to the halfway point of the challenge.

It was stated on 6abc that the National Tactical Officers Association SWAT Physical Fitness Qualification test went nationwide for the first time in 2021. It all started in April of 2021.

Chris Signore told 6abc that he hopes that these challenges motivate others to join different police departments to serve and make a difference in the communities.

To all law enforcement officers, thank you for your service.

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