Folks living in Delaware County can sleep a little easier tonight!

Yesterday, residents were put on alert after a black bear sighting in the Drexel Hill area of Pennsylvania in Delaware County.

The bear initially seen around Bridge Street and Dennison Avenue, and then later spotted close to a residential area, which forced local officials to order residents to stay inside and to order a nearby school to go into lockdown.

Credit: CBS 3 Philly
Credit: CBS 3 Philly

Wildlife officials had managed to hit the bear with a tranquilizer, but it got spooked, ran off and got away.

The wildlife officials then spent hours searching for the bear on foot, which was difficult due to thick brush and swampy areas. They even tried to use food and treats to lure the bear out, but with no luck. They resorted to setting up a donut-baited trap overnight in hopes of capturing it.

According to CBS 3 Philly, the bear has been CAUGHT.

Early Wednesday morning, the bear was found near Baltimore Pike.

In this video released by Clifton Heights borough and State game wardens via Facebook, you can see the bear hanging from a tree, surrounded by officials. The bear starts turning its head side to side as it appears to start getting drowsy. And then finally it succumbs to the tranquilizer and falls to the ground - out for the count.

Don't worry though - the bear is okay! It was safely relocated to a less populated area in Dauphin County.

Here's the original video posted by CBS 3 Philly, from when the was spotted the day before:

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