You win some, you dim sum! ...Or something along those lines.

If you love dim sum soup dumpling, turns out Cherry Hill is a good place to be!

Photo by Bao Menglong on Unsplash
Photo by Bao Menglong on Unsplash

Dim Sum House, a restaurant specializing in Northern Chinese cuisine, especially soup dumplings, is opening soon in the Hung Vuong Food Market Shopping Center in Cherry Hill (1471 Brace Rd), according to South Jersey Food Scene. It's set to open Tuesday, Feb 21!

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You may know it from its original name, Shanghai 1. The shopping plaza has a pretty impressive Asian food selection. The plaza also has Kokoro Ramen and Brothers Seafood.

The Hung Vuong Food Market is an impressive Asian market with a large selection. If you're looking for hard-to-find asian ingredients and foods, stop in here.

Another solid option for authentic Northern Chinese food in the Cherry Hill area is the new  Nan Xiang Xiao Long Bao in the Towne Place Shopping Center at Garden State Park - the one with the Cheesecake Factory, down the street from the Cherry Hill Mall. I went to this place a few weeks ago, and can confirm, it was delish.

As someone who lives near Cherry Hill and loves Asian food, I can't wait to check this place out. If you''re planning on checking out the new Dim Sum House, let us know how you like it in the comments!

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