According to Mickey, Disney World has decided to loosen up their mask policy for people who come to their theme park in Florida. As of now, the mask policy is that anyone age 2 or older that is in the park, (that includes workers and characters) must wear a mask at all times unless they are in pools or eating. Now, Disney World says that starting April 8th, guests can remove their masks while taking pictures with Disney characters and they can also keep their masks off if they are at a safe distance from other guests in the park. This is going to be so nice for pictures. You can read the park's official statement here.

I went to Disney World very often as a child. My dad would always take my brother and I and we always had so much fun. We would get up early, get to the parks and not leave until they closed. God bless my father because that's an exhausting day. He never cared and always wanted my brother and I to have fun and make memories that we'd never forget. We still talk about our adventures in Disney and the Universal Parks. I have been wanting to go for a few years, but I don't know if I want to tackle the Florida heat while wearing a mask. I'm fine with using a bunch of hand sanitizer constantly, because to be honest, I used to do that a lot even before the pandemic, but it's hard to breathe in a mask and what about the tan lines? Probably going to look a little funny. I'm hoping in a few years when things are better we can bring our son and create new memories with him because Disney is in fact a magical place.

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