I keep saying over and over that I am so grateful that my Dad lives down the shore. As soon as the weather got nice, which was a little before Memorial Day weekend, me, my husband and my son have been down the shore almost every single weekend. This pandemic has been tough and even though we have not been stuck inside the entire time, because my husband and I have both been working, it was so nice to get down the shore and relax. My Da lives on the water, so most of the time, we'd get to his house on a Friday and not leave the house until Sunday. We ordered takeout, or cooked our meals at his house, so there wasn't a need to venture out, which made me feel good about coming in contact with others. But I do know many people don't have somewhere to go and they've been itching to go somewhere, but now the kids have started school, mostly virtual learning, so families feel like they are stuck where they are. However, Disney World is now offering a staycation that sounds awesome.

Fox 29 reports the Four Seasons Resort Orlando in Walt Disney World is offering a staycation package that will have little areas for kids to keep their virtual learning going, even though they will be in Florida. They will have supervised sessions available in the morning for a few hours, or there's even an option to do the entire day. Class sizes are extremely small and the coolest part is that their recess could be at a water park or at an outdoor area at the resort which you could imagine is probably way cooler than a schoolyard.

If you're working from home and your kids school is participating in virtual learning, why not take advantage of this staycation from Disney World?

For more info, check out this article from Fox 29.

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