Steel Pier in Atlantic City is about to simultaneously pay tribute to one of the shore town's most legendary attractions while taking riders high above the boardwalk...and then dropping them.

The amusement park, a legend in its own right, has captured out attention lately as it slowly built it's newest ride dubbed The Diving Horse Tower, and it could just be one of the scariest, most intriguing at the Jersey Shore.

Steel Pier showed on Instagram the tower portion of the ride as it arrived to the boardwalk, along with a rendering of what it will look like.

And, if you've ever been on the Ocean City boardwalk's Double Shot or Great Adventure's Zumanjaro, you'll understand exactly how The Diving Horse Tower plans to test the stomachs and the nerves of its riders, lol. **UPDATE!** THE WAIT IS OVER! The Diving Horse Spinning Drop Tower is officially open at Steel Pier! Are you brave enough to take a ride before summer's over?

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The Diving Horse Tower looks like it will slowly raise riders up above the pier, and then, assumingly, quickly drop them just like Atlantic City's Diving Horse would do into a pool back in the day.

You've definitely got our attention, Steel Pier. We just can't wait to ride it for ourselves!

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