Hey guys!

This year, since I'm pregnant ... I thought it would be super fun to dress as Cardi B when she performed 'Be Careful' on SNL because you know she revealed her baby bump to the world during that performance and it was just too lit.

So I figured I'd debut my bump on YouTube doing this Halloween costume!

It was actually super simple to put the outfit together.

All I really needed was the dress ... which I found on FashionNova.com.

I paired the dress with some cute heels and of course I needed the retro microphone prop.

Other then that, the beehive hair-do is a must. This is the part I struggled with since my hair is long and thin and it's a whole lot easier to get the look when you have shorter thicker hair. But all in all I managed to do it.

The of course I did some neutral make-up with extreme fake lashes and boom, I had my Cardi B look.

Watch my video below to see how I put it together.

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