NME reports, if you like watching horror movies, you may be handling this pandemic way better than the rest of us. A study was done at a University and found that those who participated who were horror movie fans weren't as upset about the pandemic as others were. This is because their brains are used to handling situations like ones they've seen in these movies. They even suggested that people who are feeling very upset about the pandemic to watch some scary movies. This may help them deal with some fears by getting a strategy in their head on how to handle scary situations. So interesting!

I'm a scaredy cat and everyone in my life knows it. Every time I hear a sound when I am in the PST studios in the morning, I jump. I lock myself in there, but I am still scared of being alone. I get so happy when Chris gets there. I don't know what I am afraid of, maybe that's the problem, I fear the unknown. So I will not watch scary movies of any kind. I can do suspenseful, but horror or movies with lots of murder and creepy people in it? Nope! Which makes sense why I am not handling this pandemic very well, because I cannot wait these movies because I won't go to sleep for a week. I am getting better, but still very paranoid about lots of things. I just wanna be cautious, but sometimes I can be a bit much.


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