Are you from New Jersey? Do you love Christmas or do you hate it? Well, according to an article from, New Jersey actually ranks number 47 out of 50 states when it comes to our Christmas spirit (and how much we love the holiday).

The study, which was originally published by, evaluated internet activity and area culture.

I seriously did not believe what I read. How do we live in a state that does not like Christmas? It's madness.

Here's how New Jersey got this embarrassing ranking:

- Only 29% of people are googling Christmas movies.
Which that does make sense since all you have to do is turn on Netflix or Hulu and they're all right there in front of your face.

- Only 14.5% of people are streaming Christmas music!
Which I cannot understand because you can stream commercial-free Christmas music on our brand new free app or at 

- Apparently, only 7% of people in New Jersey are Tweeting about Christmas.
Which makes sense because everyone's been Tweeting non-stop about Ariana Grande's "Thank You Next" video.

- There aren't a lot of Christmas Tree farms in New Jersey.
Which I just call B.S. on this one! 

- And only 14.5% of us give to charity this time of year.
Which I can believe because many people don't have the money to give to others.

So there you have it, New Jersey hates Christmas.

But I speak for myself when I say, this is definitely not true.

I love Christmas and everything it stands for! So I hope you agree with me.

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