When I think about anyone, let alone a poor animal being outside in this freezing cold, it makes me so sad. Some people put their animals outside and don't think about how cold they can get. I mean, yeah they have a fur coat, but that doesn't mean they should be outside for hours. They need to come inside and be warm too. A dog in Philadelphia was cold and hungry and saw an opportunity to get warm, so she jumped on it.

According to Bored Panda, Jack Jokinen from Philadelphia and his wife got quite the surprise when a dog just wandered into their house over the weekend. Jack and his wife had just become new parents, so Jack forgot to close his own front door, so, this cold and hungry pup walked up their stairs and right inside.

After the pup walked into their home, a good samaritan walked by and closed the door, so Jack and his wife were very confused as to how she got in until they watched the security footage.

Jack has his own sports podcast and as you can see, Jack documented the entire thing on his Twitter page and the dog that walked into their home was very malnourished.

Once they realized how bad her condition was, they knew they had to get her to a vet immediately.

They found out that she was 8 years old and had many medical issues.

Despite all her medical problems, they decided to keep her and name her Suzy. Jack says Suzy gets along great with their other dog and their little baby as well.

This story has such a happy ending and if you ask me, Suzy wandered into the perfect home. You can see her full journey here.

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