I have Dogs and Cats Rule to thank for so many things since getting our puppy, Maizey, over a year ago.

First, George Perente, the lead dog, and the amazing staff at Dogs and Cats Rule walked me through every step of being a new pet parent like what we needed...a bed, bowls, a harness, leash, treats, toys, flea & tick prevention, poop bags, you name it, they had it.

The food recommendation was a big one. I wanted to give her the best, filled with the nutrition she needs. Dogs and Cats Rule knew exactly what she needed. Maizey loves Petcurrean Now Fresh. It's awesome to maintain her super-soft coat, her fresh breath, and her strong teeth and nails. Every time I open the bag you can smell the freshness...it's filled with premium quality meats, veggies, fruits, and berries.  There are absolutely no by-products, growth hormones, or artificial preservatives. Only the very best for my Maizey. Oh, and if your dog or cat has a sensitive stomach or allergies, don't worry, try Petcurrean's Go Solutions.

On our last trip to Dogs and Cats Rule (we're there all the time lol), we loaded up on summer fun stuff...toys, balls, etc. We even got Maizey a pop-up swimming pool to keep her cool in the warmer temperatures. They also have cooling pads and vests for your furry friend.

And, super important...don't forget it's flea and tick season. Dogs and Cats Rule carries everything natural for your pet including Earth Animal.

Dogs and Cats Rule is the only place I go for everything I need for Maizey. Go visit one of their seven locations: Princeton and Pennington in New Jersey, and in Pennsylvania, Newtown, Doylestown, Maple Glen, New Hope, and Blue Bell. You can also shop online for curbside pickup or local home delivery. You'll love it as much as I do.