Get ready to pay more than $1 for your favorite items at Dollar Tree.

According to Huffington Post, Dollar Tree just announced that they are going to have to increase their prices to a little more than $1.

The CEO of Dollar Tree spoke out and said that the price increase is due to inflation, but they also wanted to give their customers a little more of a choices when it comes to products.

How much will prices increase? Items in Dollar Tree may be up to $5 and some items may be $1.25- $1.50.

Dollar Tree is my go to store for a lot of things. I buy all my greeting cards there, wrapping paper, tissue paper, gift bags, seasonal decor, and recently I found one of my dog's favorite toys there.

I guess it's understandable why they have to raise their prices, but I find it really sad. I think dollar stores are a place that many people use to stay on a budget. Some people may have a very low budget for groceries and I know that many people utilize dollar stores for that.

I am just hoping that prices don't increase on my favorite items because I love saving money. Also for some things, like wrapping paper that is going to be ripped up and thrown away, I just don't see the need to spend two or three dollars more on it.

I'm not sure when prices will increase, but if you shop there often like I do, I'm sure we will see the different prices soon.

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