We all have some items in our garage that we probably haven't touched in a very long time. For example, you know that bike that is just sitting there collecting dust and is full of spider webs? Well, that can be donated to the Boys and Girls Club of Mercer/Trenton.

We ran into a Facebook post created by Alexis Miller which states that Kol Emet, a synagogue in Bucks County, is collecting items for the Boys and Girls Club of Mercer/Trenton on June 6th from 10 am to 4 pm.

According to the Facebook post, the items that are being highly requested include "bikes and/or parts in any condition." If you are trying to create some extra space in your garage why not donate it and help the Boys and Girls Club of Mercer/Trenton.

It was also stated in the Facebook post that bikes can be donated at the Firehouse Bike Shop in Yardley.

If those locations are a little out of your way you can donate bikes at these locations as well according to BGCMercer.org:

It was stated on BGCMercer.org that a receipt from the Boys & Girls Clubs for tax purposes will be available at every location.

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