During these tough times, many people are looking for different ways to help others that are in need. It is amazing to see how many people out there have such a big heart and will do whatever it takes to help. They have been donating all sorts of things to see others smile.

One program in our area that is always looking to help our community is Trenton Area Soup Kitchen (TASK). We ran into a Facebook post by Trenton Area Soup Kitchen that stated that they are currently taking donations but not food donations. According to the Facebook post by Trenton Area Soup Kitchen, the program is currently taking donations of unisex fanny packs, travel wallets/wallets that attach to the belt,  mini flashlights, and pad locks with keys.

It was stated on the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen Facebook post that due to COVID-19 used items can not be accepted at the moment. All donations made must be new items.

Trenton Area Soup Kitchen is always looking "to feed those who are hungry in the Trenton area" but is also looking to help in other ways than just food.

It was mentioned on the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen’s website that the program started in 1980 with a small group of people. Their initial goal was “to feed the truly needy people of Trenton five days a week without cost to the individual in need.”

If you would like to donate any of the items that Trenton Area Soup Kitchen is requesting you can visit trentonsoupkitchen.com and click DONATE.

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