Heads up, Hamilton Township. There will be some fire department activity at the old Fame Diner on Whitehorse Avenue this week, but, don't worry, there's no emergency.

The Hamilton Township Professional Firefighters alerted the community on Facebook Monday (April 10, 2023) saying, "The Hamilton Fire Division will be conducting training all week at the Fame Restaurant on Whitehorse Avenue. There is no emergency." Good to know.

I'm thinking this means there may be progress at that site soon...finally. Fame closed its doors for good back in 2021 and I broke the news almost a year ago (May 2022) that PJ's Pancake House was going to be taking its place. I was happy to hear it wasn't going to be sitting empty for much longer.

The owners of PJ's Pancake House, Gretalia Hospitality Group, told me at the time that they would be keeping the footprint of the classic diner but the old building would be torn down and a new one built.

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I've seen it happen before...a building about to be torn down is used by local firefighters for training before it's demolished. I'm thinking this may be the case here. It also happened before the old Sleepy Hollow motel was torn down on Route 1 North in Lawrence Township.

If you're in the area and happen to see the firefighters there, you may see them cutting holes in the roof to practice ventilating a building among other activities. You may even see some flames. I don't know exactly what the training will be.

Remember, don't be alarmed, there's no emergency, it's only a drill.

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