You may enter... but you may never come out!

Dorney Park is getting in the Halloween spirit starting this month, with a brand new attraction for Halloween Haunts! They've just announced the new spine-chilling attraction, Haunt Maze: Ghost in the Machine! The attraction will run through the course of Halloween Haunts, from Sep 15 - Oct 28.

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The Haunted Maze will be an immersive and educational experience! Earlier this summer, Dorney Park also announced the new coaster "The Iron Menace", coming in 2024. The ride is based on the mysterious true story of Hiram S. McTavish, a greedy, ambitious businessman who opened a steel mill in the 1900s. One day he vanished without a trace. The Haunted Maze will give you a chilling glimpse into his story!

"Dare to enter The Ghost in the Machine, where terror and history collide! As you step foot into the abandoned McTavish Steel Factory, the air thick with an ominous presence, sends shivers down your spine. The rusted machinery groans and creaks, seemingly alive with a hostile force. Their haunting screams pierce the darkness, echoing the tormented past of steel workers who met their tragic fates here."

This maze doesn't look like it's for the faint-hearted! Grab your friends and be ready to confront your deepest fears! Read more about Ghost in the Machine here.

Dare to enter? Tickets for Hallloween Haunts are $40 online. You can grab your tickets HERE!

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