Police in Jackson Township (Ocean County) are warning motorists that they’ve seen an uptick in stranded vehicles on an unpaved road in the Colliers Mills Wildlife Management Area. The cause? An erroneous targeted ad on Waze is sending them there when they're looking to gamble at Atlantic City's most popular casino.

Jackson Township Police took to Facebook share the warning on Monday that there has been a “tremendous increase in disabled motor vehicles in the wildlife area.” They say a majority of the motorists are coming from northern New Jersey or New York.

They say that an ad placed on Waze has the correct address for the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa, but it is pinned in the middle of the Colliers Mills Wildlife Management Area. As a result, unsuspecting motorists are being sent to the 12,000-acre wildlife area, which located more than 45 miles away from the Borgata Casino.

“Currently, the app is sending motorists into the wildlife area, onto unpaved roads, which eventually lead to them becoming disabled,” the police said earlier today.

The police department says that they have reached out to Waze about the mistake, but in the interim, they’re reminding motorists to take extra care when selecting locations listed with the orange “ad” logo on Waze.

Additionally, at least one local TV station, NBC 10, also reached to Waze out for a comment, but they have not heard back yet from the navigation app.

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