Keep bringing all of the amazing stores and restaurants to Bucks County, we love it. It was recently reported by that a new dessert food shop is coming to Levittown and that is Duck Donuts.

There is no set date when the Duck Donuts store will open but mentioned that it is already under construction at the Langhorne Square Shopping Center and could be opening this summer. For Duck Donuts the Levittown location could be the 93rd location for the dessert restaurant in the country and the 10th just in the state of Pennsylvania alone.

If you are from the Bucks County area you really don't have any Duck Donuts near you. The closest ones would be the King of Prussia location or Marlton, and really neither one of those is close. Getting the Duck Donuts in Langhorne is a dream come true. Who doesn't love donuts?

If you don't know what Duck Donuts is, well, its a dessert store where you can get some very "exotic" donuts. The donut shop takes pride in their work. They mentioned on Facebook, "The FAMOUS Duck Donut STANDS ALONE and cannot be copied because the recipe is a BIG SECRET!"

Let's be real donuts are some of the best late-night snacks.

According to the address for the new Duck Donuts location in Langhorne is, 1411 Lincoln Hwy. "DUCK Donuts is coming to Levittown, and SOON!!"

So many people on Facebook seem to be thrilled to have a Duck Donuts so close. No more having to wait until you happen to be in the King of Prussia or Marlton area to be able to enjoy a good donut.

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