I’m sure you have a diehard Eagles fan in your life who deserves the spotlight this year for their dedication, right?

The NFL is actually taking nominations right now for their “fan of the year” and I think we can all agree Eagles fans are dedicated enough to take that spot, right?

“The search is on for the most original and extraordinary fans who SPICE UP the game. Does your fandom go beyond gamedays at the stadium? Do you know someone who is a positive influence in their community through their fandom? If the answer is yes, then you or someone you know have a shot at representing your team in the NFL Fan of the Year contest-” says NFL.com.

If there’s one thing about Eagles fans everywhere it’s that we are dedicated. I don’t know a team that has a crazier and more devoted fanbase than the Eagles! To nominate someone you know for “fan of the year” the process seems to be pretty simple.

All you have to do is go to the “fan of the year” tab on the official NFL website and hit the “Get Started” tab. Once you get to that stage, it will ask you a few questions about the person you’re nominating such as their name, favorite team, how your love for the team goes above and beyond, etc!

I think the official fan of the year needs to represent the Eagles and the Philly area. Head to this page and fill out the form to nominate that crazy Eagles fan in your life! Go Birds!

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