According to 'Best of Philly', the best empanadas in Philly are made right in Bucks County.

The Doylestown restaurant, 'Empanada Mama' was named the 'Best of Philly' winner this year for the best empanadas.

First of all, all of this empanada talk is making me hungry ... specifically for empanadas of course.

What's really cool about this place is that they have so many different varieties. says they range from "cheesesteak to spinach and artichoke dip empanadas."


I just pulled up their menu right now because I had to check out all this variety for myself.

This place even makes Asian style empanadas too like 'Korean Beef' which is made with seasoned ground beef, hoisin, sesame, ginger, garlic, scallions and the 'Asian Eggplant' empanadas which is made with roasted eggplant, sautéed onions, sesame, garlic, and  goat cheese.

Check out the full menu here.

Empanada Mama is located at 21 Donaldson Street in Doylestown, PA.


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