I do not like seafood. I never have, and now even as I type this I am getting flashbacks. I remember coming home from school, or in just from playing outside and smelling fried flounder. I'm happy those days are done. Now that I have shared my extreme dislike for seafood you'll understand where I stand on something.

I saw on Delish that New Jersey's "most iconic Christmas dish" is fish...yuck. Technically it's not just "fish" they specifically mention the Feast Of The Seven Fishes which an Italian tradition on Christmas Eve. I should write Delish and let them know that the fish dinner happens on the day before Christmas. So how could it be the "dish" of Christmas for the state?

The post also mentions that NJ has "heavy Italian culinary influences." I have a love for Italian cuisine and I really do believe some of the best pizza is made in the Garden State because of the big Italian population.

Pennsylvania's "iconic dish" for December 25th is nothing to be jealous of if you're a NJ resident. Pennsylvanians bring goose to their Christmas table, at least that's what the article says.

When I think of Christmas dinner, I picture ham or turkey as the main course. Goose and fish don't sound that appetizing to me.

Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto
Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Here are some of the states that I'm envious of that had better "iconic Christmas dishes:"

- New York -- gingerbread cookies (those are festive and scream Christmas to me)

- New Hampshire -- pumpkin pie (some may say pumpkin is for Thanksgiving, but it definitely has a presence during the December holidays too)

- Michigan -- sugar cookies

- Illinois -- hot chocolate (not really what I think of when I hear "dish," but okay)

- Texas - deep-fried turkey

In the end, however you celebrate the Christmas season, I hope you enjoy the ones around you and the food on your plate.

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