Ewing Township's own, Mara Ranson, is performing with the Radio City Rockettes this year.

This is Mara's first season with the rockets, according to a report from Community News, They say that Ranson learned she'd been cast in the production back in August. She's been performing in the Radio City Christmas Spectacular since November.
Mara has always wanted to be a Rockette, she told the Community News. You can read more about Mara's journey to Radio City on their website.

For many young dancers, you always dream about performing on a really big stage. Whether it be a broadway stage or perhaps performing with a famous celebrity like Jennifer Lopez, dance teachers try to motivate their students to work hard and set high goals for themselves.

I know growing up, I had am amazing dance teacher who always tried to push us to be the best dancers we could be and I will never forget her encouragement. Once a dancer has truly, "made it," I'm sure it's a feeling and a day they never forget. So this is great for Mara.

If you're going to the show this year try to look for her on stage.

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