Shaheed Waddy, from Ewing, New Jersey, launched his own clothing line known as B.A.L.K. at just 18 years old.

The idea for B.A.L.K. has been years in the making which is baffling since Shaheed is so young. Yet the Mercer County native is determined and just getting started with his vision. The name, B.A.L.K., is actually an acronym that stands for "Big A** ‘Lil Kidz." The name is a great message and reminder to everyone. According to Community News, Shaheed believes that age is just a number and youth doesn't have to go away because we grow old.

Designing clothes isn't Shaheed's only creative outlet because he's also a rapper. You can listen to his music on his SoundCloud page. Music seems to be a big influence in his designs because his clothing line is heavily inspired by the 90s. You see nods to early 90s hip-hop and fluorescent colors.

When I saw and read more about Shaheed's story and I was so impressed and proud to see that someone so young is so determined from the local area. You can check out his clothing line here.

You can read more about Shaheed Waddy and the story about his clothing line here. Also you can watch an interview with the young entrepreneur below

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