With fall coming to an end and the cold winter season just around the corner, it's often hard to find things to do besides snuggle fireside watching Hallmark films.

(Spoiler Alert) she does end up with him and they live happily ever after 

So now that I've ruined everything we can focus on some exciting things to do in the winter besides get seasonal depression and wine drunk.

|Tree Festivals|  

The Festival of Trees is an annual event held at the Morven Museum and Garden in Princeton, New Jersey.

From November 21st to January 6th you can check out the decorated tree displays for the holidays.

They will also be hosting a Holiday party this year at the museum on November 29th from 5:30 p.m to 8 p.m

|Maple Sugaring| 

Check out Howell Farm in Hamilton for some fun programs they have including maple sugaring and tree sapping.

Your girl Aunt Jemima has NOTHING on this fresh maple syrup.

Afterwards, enjoy a nice pancake brunch with family or friends.

|Snow Sports|  

This one's a bit of a hike (literally) but it's only about an hour and a half trek to some nice lodges in the Poconos.

Camel Back isn't anything like skiing in Colorado or Vermont, but it will do.

Whether you are sipping hot coco in the lodge or whizzing down a black diamond mountain, camel back has some nice features like snow tubing, skiing, and a brand new water park.



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