I am one of those people who is a little lazy when it comes to social media. I honestly can;'t stand that I have to have multiple apps for different things. I was super excited when Instagram came out with their stories feature, so I wouldn't have to use Snapchat so often. It's crazy to think I can be so lazy about something like that, but I am. I do enjoy Instagram stories a little more too because they have different features than Snapchat. I do think a lot of people feel the same way, and I was just about to download Tik Tok, but now with Instagram's new feature, I may not.

Mashable reports that Facebook, who owns Instagram, has released a new feature called Reels and it is extremely similar to Tik Tok. You will be able to add 15 second clips of yourself, you know doing whatever, and upload them to either your Instagram feed, story, or to a special tab for Reels. It has a timer, so you're able to show off your dance moves without holding the button down to record, and basically all the same features as Tik Tok.

Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, posted a video to his Twitter account promoting the new feature and it looks cool!

Like I said earlier, if I can have everything all in one app, I'm good. I wonder if Reels will become extremely popular and people will stop using Tik Tok. Or will it just be another feature that is just there to be there.

To read more about this check out this article on Mashable.

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