If you have the Tik Tok app downloaded on your phone, there is a 100 percent chance you have came across one of JuJu Smith-Schuster’s videos. The Pittsburg Steelers wide reciever has over 2.7 million followers and over 30 million likes on his tik toks. For the past couple of games, Juju has been doing one of Tik Tok's viral dances on the logo of the team the Steelers play against. It has become his signature thing to do the "Corvette Corvette" challenge before each games on the opposite team's center field. It was funny at first, but not it seems to be getting him in trouble. Many people have gone as far as to say his dancing is why the Steelers have been losing games recently.

Ever since Juju started dancing on logos, it seem to fuel a fire in the other team. During Monday night's game, Juju got DEMOLISHED. According to Insider, he was delivered a massive hit that forced a fumble during the first quarter.

Juju has even been called out for his logo dancing. When speaking to the press, Levon Bell called Juju "young-minded" and said dancing on rivals' logos was "kind of disrespectful at the end of the day."

Head coach Mike Tomlin said during a press conference that he would be speaking to Juju about his ritual.  “I do plan to talk to JuJu,” Tomlin said.


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