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Factory Donuts just announced that they have released an exciting new option on their menu: "Made-To-Order Nugget Box.”

In the press release, Factory Donuts says, "The new made to order nugget boxes are the delicious made to order nuggets in your choice of cinnamon or powdered sugar along with one of three irresistible dipping sauces—chocolate, maple syrup or raspberry.”

You could be the life of the party when you bring these donuts to a party.  Yum! Donuts! **Homer Simpson Voice** That's exactly how we feel about any kind of donut right now.

Factory Donuts also has locations in Media, Newtown and the original flagship store in the Mayfair section of Northeast Philadelphia. The made-to-order nugget boxes should be available at all locations.

It was also mentioned in the press release that a new location will be coming soon to the Turnersville, NJ. In fact, they say in their statement that "Factory Donuts is a brand that is on the rise and poised to grow throughout the region." They also are working to open a location in Wellington, FL.

So that surely sounds like more Factory Donuts will be expanding across our area. In the meantime, the nugget boxes sound awesome.

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