If you ever thought that the way your smart watch reads your heart rate was incorrect, think again. A Princeton native, Barry Bickel, is still alive because of his Fitbit.

Got a Fitbit at a discount price, wore it daily and checked his health every day, that is exactly what Bickel did. Guess what? that saved his life.

Barry Bickel, 54, noticed that his heart rate was slowing down a little but "didn't think much of it" until it drastically dropped to the high 30's. "I thought it was really odd," Bickel said to the Patch.com.

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Credit: Dave Kotinsky

At times you may feel good but it's not always that way. Your health can be affected by little things. In this case for Bickel it wasn't a small issue, "my heart only had one beat every 5 or 6 seconds and it was pausing," After going to the doctor Bickel was told that he was diagnosed with a very unique Lyme Disease that goes directly to the heart.

Not good at all because that could've put him in cardiac arrest after passing out.

Moral of the story is trust your smartwatch when is showing a low heart rate. Technology may be taking over everyones time but it is also saving lives. Rare case the Fitbit saved Barry.

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