There's a difference between harmless pranks and things that can do serious damage to someone's home or vehicle. We were all kids once and probably participated in mischief night with our friends and put some toilet paper on the trees in the neighborhood, but never anything that would be considered a crime. I didn't know there was a mischief night in December? I thought it was only in October? Some kids in Pennsylvania just got in a lot of trouble for making some mischief, not with toilet paper, but with cheese.

According to Tribe Live, three teens from Erie Pennsylvania, are facing charges for covering two cars with cheese slices. Yeah, you read that correctly, they covered a car in cheese slices, they also threw some cheese on a house too. The boys all admitted what they did and are facing disorderly conduct charges. What motivated them to do this? No idea.

So I am nicknaming thee kids from Erie the cheese bandits, since the wet bandits and the sticky bandits were already taken from Home Alone & Home Alone 2.


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