Well here is something you do not hear everyday. A former Drexel University engineering professor was arrested earlier this week for stealing 185 thousand dollars in grants and spending at strip clubs, sports bars and on iTunes.

This man was caught by an audit that was conducted in October and they found that he had been making purchases since 2010.  According to NBC Philadelphia, more than 96 thousand dollars was spent at strip clubs like Cheerleaders, Club Risque and Tacony Club. The worst part about it was the way he tried to hide his tracks. The former employee apparently attempted to hide the strip club expenses by claiming that the items were for catering and food. However, that was obviously found to be untrue given the fact that most of the charges he made were done on weekends. There were a total of 114 charges at strip clubs. Not to mention more than half were processed between the hours of midnight and 2 a.m. 

The ex-professor was arrested and charged with theft.

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